Digital Darwinism is a sign of the 21st-century demonstrating that conducting business, as usual, will eventually force you to close your doors. There are many addiction treatment centers and behavioral health organizations closing their doors nationwide. The one thing they all had in common is that they suffered from Digital Darwinism.

They stayed with past marketing and business strategies of a buy rehab leads mentality. These organizations should have learned from Google when addiction treatment ads were first banned on July 1, 2017.

Drug Rehab Marketing Google AdWords, and Legit Script

Drug rehab marketing using Google AdWords and Legit Script is expensive and ineffective for small players. Now…

Best AA meetings West Palm Beach, Florida by Behavioral Health Network Resources
Best AA meetings West Palm Beach, Florida by Behavioral Health Network Resources
AA Meetings West Palm Beach, Florida

The best AA meetings West Palm Beach is a collection of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in south Florida. This is one of the biggest areas for recovery in the United States. It seems to be a very popular place and has many support systems. Many of those in recovery that came to Florida tend to stay and put down new roots. No one know exactly how many drug and aldol addiction treatment centers there, but there are over 600 registered rehabilitation facilities. There are even more sober homes.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, detox and sober living homes are plentiful…

Wasting Time with Advertising and Marketing on Facebook and LinkedIn

How to Maximize Marketing Time on LinkedIn and Facebook

Marketing and advertising during the Coronavirus has open lead generation doors for companies. However, many are wasting time on these platforms. They have never learned how to maximize their time and learn the secrets and back-doors. Many think a post from the profile and the business page is enough. It’s much more complicated than that.

This is even more true for related sales and service organizations. Social media advertising is not for fun. It’s much different than being on these platforms for fun. …

Drug rehab marketing secrets on LinkedIn.
Drug rehab marketing secrets on LinkedIn.

Drug Rehab Marketing Strategies Using LinkedIn for SEO

Drug rehab marketing. on LinkedIn has become too valuable for addiction treatment centers to ignore. The extreme competition in the industry is demanding better advertising practices. The smaller centers need to work smarter. They need to build better referral sources and rank for local SEO terms. LinkedIn is playing a role with both of these factors with the algorithm update where Google is giving SEO juice for no follow links.

LinkedIn is the most untapped avenue in the addiction treatment industry. It has over 550 million professionals and many tell me that they don’t know how to use it for…

Drug rehab marketing agency needs SEO
Drug rehab marketing agency needs SEO

How to find a good drug rehab marketing agency? This is a difficult to answer for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons is due to the large agencies that provide cookie cutter options. There are 14,000 drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers across the United States. Some of the biggest marketing providers know they can’t produce tangible results. They plply the same tactics for every client.

Top Reasons Large Drug Rehab Marketing Agency Fails?

A large drug rehab marketing agency is a “churn and burn” business for them. The Executives are flying across the US, sponsoring the biggest addiction conferences, staying in lavish hotels and entertaining at…

Best inpatient drug rehabs Los Angeles with rehabilitation from alcohol detox to intensive outpatient drug rehabs in CA.
Best inpatient drug rehabs Los Angeles with rehabilitation from alcohol detox to intensive outpatient drug rehabs in CA.
Here are the best drug rehabs Los Angeles options in California.

When searching for the best drug rehabs Los Angeles offers there are critical areas to consider. Some of these include levels of medical care, credentials of staff, addressing co-occurring disorders, and relapse prevention skills. Addiction treatment centers should be centered around your individual needs. Just because they provide substance abuse treatment doesn’t mean they are a good fit got you.

What to Look for in the Best Drug Rehabs Los Angeles Centers?

There are several areas to understand for Addiction Treatment Centers in Los Angeles. Understanding how these drug rehabilitation centers work and the services they offer are key. …

What are drug rehab marketing citations?
What are drug rehab marketing citations?
Drug Rehab Marketing and SEO Citations

Drug rehab marketing is confusing for many addiction treatment centers. They are using outdated buy rehab leads strategies. The only way to compete is through drug rehab SEO techniques. You probably clicked on this article to find out what new trouble is going on with addiction treatment centers owners. If you don’t know what a citation is and how it can generate treatment calls you are in the correct place.

There is a considerable increase in the number of Addiction Treatment Centers countrywide and new marketing laws. If you’re solely relying on boots on the ground your center is a…

Top 10 Drug Rehab SEO Blog Mistakes

What Does Good Drug Rehab SEO Blog Writing Need?

Drug rehab SEO blog writing is a vital area that many addiction treatment centers are missing. Above all, a blog has one main purpose and that is to generate leads. Similarly, it is the most important web marketing tool. Many drug rehabilitation centers are missing the big picture when it comes to their blog.

The Main Goal of Drug Rehab SEO Blogs

The behavioral health industry has operated for years with short-term solutions in generating clients. CEO’s and marketing directors expect immediate results. This is because they have been able to get by with Google Adwords and buying treatment calls. The business and marketing landscape has changed. …

Charles Davis

CEO of Behavioral Health Network Resources a drug rehab SEO marketing agency. A bachelor's degree in marketing from the University of Buffalo.

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