Drug rehab marketing professional specializing in drug rehab SEO. We educate on the #1 costly advertising mistake made by substance abuse rehabilitation centers in lead generation. Did you know, 99% of drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers are not on page one of Google for key search terms in their lead generation? Did you know SEO provides the lowest cost per acquisition for substance abuse rehabilitation new clients? Advertising has changed over the years. Google is running the game and keeping up with them is a task. It seems they do algorithm changes every month. Keeping up with them is worth it. Did you know Google gets over 60,000 every second? There are only 10 organic page one listings. Getting ranked takes education, knowledge, and experience. Learning from the best (https://list.ly/list/2D5z-best-drug-rehab-seo-marketing-articles) drug rehab SEO marketing articles and content is somewhat in-depth. There are over 210 things to learn. Why 210? Because that is how many ranking factors Google uses to give the coveted page one rankings. I have a bachelor's degree in marketing from the University of Buffalo. I was an Advertising Executive for The Sun Sentinel and Palm Beach Post for 11 years. I have learned and adapted to marketing on the web. As a drug rehab consultant BHNR gets substance abuse rehabilitation centers on page one of Google with Google Ad Words, PPC or Legit Script. We have helped many addiction treatment centers rank with drug rehab SEO. Some of the terms where we've done this include; - drug rehabs San Diego (https://harmonygroverecovery.com/) - luxury drug rehabs San Diego - inpatient drug rehabs San Diego - IOP drug rehabs Los Angeles (https://www.behavioralhealthnetworkresources.com/blog/california-drug-rehabs-vs-patient-brokering/). I also provide the best drug rehab marketing https://www.facebook.com/RehabMarketingBuyRehabLeads/ on social media. With 60 social media addiction related groups the audience has grown to over 210,000 members. The two biggest social media for substance abuse rehabilitation centers in Facebook and LinkedIn. Our drug rehab marketing program educates on advertising strategies. What is drug rehab marketing (https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=THSM1RUAAAAJ&hl=en)?


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Drug Rehab SEO | Drug Rehab Marketing — CEO at a leading advertising agency. 95 % of centers are making critical errors with their SEO and website. AdWords, PPC