Residential Drug Treatment San Diego Educates on H.A.L.T. Holiday Relapse

Harmony’s residential drug treatment San Diego centers goal is to educate this holiday season. The holiday season is one of the most common times for relapse for someone who is struggling with addiction, why is that? We’ll the answer is actually quite simple, in many homes holidays = food & drinking. This does not mean that alcoholics are the only ones who struggle during the holidays, it is a struggle for anyone who suffers with substance abuse.

Our Residential Drug Treatment San Diego Staff Warns About Holiday Details

We spoke candidly with our residential drug treatment San Diego staff. They shared some information they have gained treating 1000’s for drug and alcohol addiction. What surprised us was the little details that can add up to holidae substance abuse relapse.

How many times have you had family over for Thanksgiving and made it a point to have the best wine glasses and wine on display.? What about for Christmas, even as child who remembers trying some egg nog? In many homes today these habits were formed even from a young age. Someone who struggles with addiction has temptation all around them.

Another very common aspect of relapse is believing that you are able to partake like a “normal” individual or someone who does not struggle with addiction based on the joyous times around you.

Residnetial Drug Treatment San Diego Shouts H.A.L.T.

The credential substance abuse counselors at our residential drug treatment San Diego centers told us to H.A.L.T. At first this was puzzling. Our group of addiction professionals ask, “Who really struggles with relapse?” The short answer is everybody. A common saying used in a rehab setting is “H.A.L.T”. This stands for

  • Hungry
  • Angry
  • Lonely
  • Tired

Now you tell me, “What normal individual does not struggle with this on common basis?” These are all triggers for an individual who struggles with substance abuse issues and addiction. During the holidays it is proven that many people go through all of these emotions even on a daily basis.

Loneliness Play a Major Role in Drug and Alcohol Addiction

A major finding at our residential drug treatment San Diego center after our interviews was the major role of loneliness. Loneliness is key component in addiction. Imagine being that person that sees all these families having an amazing time together and just enjoying their time, while you are home alone. Loneliness is a defining factor as to why someone with an addiction would struggle staying sober. With loneliness can come pain and with pain the normal human being wants to find escape. It is easier to get intoxicated or get high than it is to deal with the sadness and despair that comes with loneliness.

On the opposite side of the spectrum there is REAL stress during the holidays. We as a culture have put a lot of emphasis on having the best presents, the best decorations or even the best food. Trying to have the best of everything can also take a huge financial toll on someone. You may not have enough money, or you may be putting yourself further in a financial debt just to have a “good” holiday. With all of the stressors comes anxiety.

Normal human nature and dynamics says our body and mind do not like to have this anxiety or stress at a certain level. So what do you do when you feel these emotions? Well most addicts will tell you that they have learned to cope in their own way. “I drink a few glasses of wine”, “I’ll just smoke enough to get rid of my anxiety”, common mindsets of an addict. It becomes was to easy of an excuse during the holiday season to be able to relapse and feel as though you had good reason too.

Why Do Stressors Play a role in Holiday Substance Abuse Relapse?

After interviewing our residnetial drug treatment San Diego Clinical Director we realized that stressors are a key 365 days a year. The truth of the matter is, is that we have just as many stressors in our normal life outside of the holidays. however, we were just focused on one thing. It seems easy to think that you can just partake during the holiday season in your addiction of choice. this is because well, everyone else is doing it.

Where as individuals that struggle with addiction often forget they cannot have a normal relationship with their substance and probably will never be able to. A study published in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors determined there was a significant increase and trend in the amount of alcohol consumed on Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, with small increases at Christmas. Why is this ? Well again a lot of it has to do with our society and culture today.

Peer pressure is a real and true thing. It’s easy for someone who does not struggle with addiction to say “come on, it’s just one drink it is not going to hurt you”. The truth of the matter is for an addict, it absolutely will. Those who struggle with addiction know that a lot of the reason their addiction has gotten as bad as it has is because they have no self control or poor self control.

It is much harder for someone who struggles with alcoholism to not get that second or third glass of wine. Really with any individual the minute you use any substance you lower your inhibitions and have a decrease in motor function. So physically speaking once you get started it’ll be much harder to stop.

Our Residential Drug Treatment San Diego Team Says Don’t Break Your Routine!

The best residential drug treatment San Diego professionals agrees with our addiction treatment team about routine. They made sure we understood how valuable a routine is. They were specific about this major reason an individual relapse within the holiday season. It is simply because they loose track or all together stop their normal daily routine.

You can have an individual who regularly goes to groups, or meets with a therapist but due to the holidays some schedule changes had to be made. Maybe you go out of town to see family or maybe your therapist or groups are not meeting due to other holiday arrangements. For someone who struggles with addiction routine is key!

If you break your routine it does not take much to fall right back into your old habits. Without a sense of normalcy an addict can easily try to fill that void with their drug or substance or choice. The best drug rehabs San Diego centers will see a 50–75 percent increase in intakes after the holidays with a majority of those individuals being someone that was already on the road to recovery.

An Important Thing to Remember During the Holiday Seasons Is To Maintain Progress

We’ve learned a lot at our residential drug treatment San Diego Facility. Like, another biggie is maintaining progress. Avoid triggers or stressors, this can be anything from financial to being around someone who is using a substance.

  • keep to your normal routine, make sure you still attend your meetings with your therapist or groups
  • Set- up extra therapeutic time or group time in preparation for the inevitable stress that comes with the holidays
  • Attempt to fill your time with sober activities, such as bowling, gol

Call Harmony’s Residential Drug Treatment San Diego Centers If You Fell a holiday Relapse Coming

Our residential drug treatment San Diego centers credentialed substance abuse counseling staff left us with this thought. Lastly and most importantly take accountability. You have already made great progress in your recovery and have been able to maintain sobriety. The time of year is not relevant to the progress you have made, always remember to reflect on progression.



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