In Home Alcohol Detox Explains Detoxification


In Home Alcohol detox Los Angeles knows it can be extremely scary and dangerous if attempted alone. Many do not realize that a medically supervised detoxification can almost eliminate these uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol is a highly addictive substance. Once you become dependent, it is extremely hard to stop using as you start to experience inter-dose withdrawals between drinks.

This doesn’t mean you can’t quit! With a proper detox plan that is well thought out, you can become free of alcohol within a few weeks. But, before going into the alcohol detox process, let’s learn about this widely used drug so it will be easier to understand the detox process.

In Home Detox for Alcohol Detox Top 4 Alcohol Detox Questions

In home detox Los Angeles understands the process of alcohol detox is not an easy one, but it can be done successfully with professional help. It goes through several difficult steps that require willpower, patience, and self-discipline on the part of the patient. Below are the steps in the alcohol detox process.

During the alcohol detox process, medications, such as Valium and other comfort medications used to help subside symptoms are used to slowly wean the patient off the drug. Therapy may also be used to help the patient’s body and brain to recover from the drug’s effects. The patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and breathing are monitored continuously to keep him or her safe. Depending on the severity of the addiction, the detox process typically lasts a week , in some cases longer — long after every trace of the substance has disappeared from the system.

Replenishing Lost Nutrients is Critical in Alcohol Detoxification

An essential part of the alcohol detox process is to replenish the nutrients that the patient’s body was deprived of while he or she was a using drugs and/or alcohol. The patient is provided proper suggestions foods rich in vitamins and minerals, and supplementation such as B1 and folic acid. Since an alcohol addict often suffers from malnourishment from depletion of nutrients, these vitamins are crucial for recovery.

Detoxing from alcohol should start before it completely leaves your system, which is about five to seven days after the last drink. Addiction treatment professionals like in home detox Los Angeles know there are several different options for detoxification, the patient should be sure to pick the one that is right for your individual needs.

Why Should Alcohol Detox Be Done In Home?

The safest way to treat alcohol addiction is a medically assisted detox with a private 24/7 nurse and physician. You can detox in the comfort of your own home, with private around the clock collaborative care.
Alcohol detox at home is possible and the entire process is monitored by a team of medical professionals who are trained and experienced in the detoxification process. Whenever a problem arises, a doctor will be on call for any changes in the treatment modality.

What is Rapid Alcohol Detox?

We spoke with in-home alcohol detox Los Angeles about rapid detoxification. Rapid Detoxification was a procedure that began use in the 1980’s. Rapid Detox patients are given general anesthesia as well as drugs to flush the opiates out of their system. For the addict, it is a major shock to their system and this procedure is now considered risky. All the usual withdrawal symptoms still occur, but since the patient is under anesthesia, they don’t consciously feel the effects of withdrawal.

When the withdrawal symptoms decrease, the patient is awakened. In fact, rapid detox is not recommended by treatment providers and professionals, and it is not considered to be an effective form of detox. ASAM drug and alcohol detox procedures should always be followed during an alcohol detox process.

What happens after an Alcohol detox?

Do not assume a successful detox will prevent your body from craving alcohol. Alcohol detox is not a cure for alcohol addiction. Addiction can re-wire brain functions to seek the drug above everything else. Detox is the first step in the recovery process. You will need to undergo ongoing preventative care to discover and address the underlying causes of your addiction and prevent relapse. Here is one of the best alcohol detox centers Los Angeles list.



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