Drug Rehabs Los Angeles Fights Patient Brokering

Drug Rehabs Los Angeles Facing Ethical Business and Marketing

California drug rehabs Los Angeles learning new laws
Drug Rehabs Los AngelesCalifornia Patient Brokering Laws

Drug Rehabs Los Angeles Supporting Ethical Standards

Drug rehabs Los Angeles, California is a big part of Behavioral Health Network Resources addiction conferences EMP Series event in Costa Mesa on 8/6/19. The new California patient brokering laws demand financial stewardship in the Treatment Industry. California substance abuse treatment centers need to look at how corporate debt & overspending fuels unethical decision making.

California Treatment Centers Role in the New Law

California drug rehabs learning about new marketing and patient brokering laws.
California drug rehabs need to change business and marketing strategy.

Drug Rehabs Los Angeles Needs Help

Los Angeles is not the only area to be affected. Even the best drug rehabs and addiction treatment centers are feeling the pressure. Many substance abuse treatment centers have gotten by with a poor marketing strategy for years.

Game Changers for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Owners

California drug rehabs Los Angeles Mus Adapt to Changes
Drug rehabs Los Angeles and California Need to Change
  • State Certification fees
  • continuing education for clinical staff
  • worker’s compensation fees
  • a VERY long list of necessary insurances to safely run a business

California Drug Rehabs Need to Pay Attention to Finances

California drug rehabs paying attention to finances.
Drug rehab operators stressing over changes.

Bringing Together California Drug Rehabs Los Angeles

Behavioral Health Network Resources carefully watched the new laws develop in Florida. Education and partnerships are the key areas for drug rehabs Los Angeles, addiction treatment centers and sober livings in California. We need to work together and not isolate our individual centers. Sharing information and focusing on clients getting the proper care over profits will play a key role in survival. Regulation in the drug rehabilitation industry is ongoing for lawmakers. The HR 6878 — Eliminating Kickbacks in Recovery Act is in the House of Representatives is in the House of Representatives now and demonstrates other changes are coming. This bill clearly states:

Addiction Conferences Educating Los Angeles C-Suite Executives of Drug Rehabs

California Addiction Conferences for Executives
  • Why Legit Script and PPC is wasting millions of addiction treatment centers marketing dollars
  • The business side of medication-assisted treatment
  • Drug Rehab SEO vs. digital Darwinism
  • Drug rehab SEO, how to get on page one of Google
  • Website development #1 drug rehab marketing mistake
  • Adwords vs. organic marketing
  • How to market on social media
  • How centers can perform SEO in house

Drug Rehabs Los Angeles Let’s Unite

Drug rehabs Los Angeles and California are fighting against patient brokering. There are many major changes occurring in the addiction treatment industry. It is drastically affecting how they must operate to stay open. Let’s unite and get educated on better and ethical business and marketing practices.



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