Alcohol Drug Detox San Diego Reports 60% Intravenous Drug Users Have Hep C

Drug detox Port St Lucie Florida educates that 60% of Intravenous drug users have Hep C

Alcohol detox centers San Diego are educating on Hep C within the community. Did you know Hep C has a close connection to intravenous opiate addiction? If fact, about 60% of intravenous drug users have Hep C. Many are unaware they even have it.

Most IV drug abusers have very little understanding of what else they are injecting into themselves besides their chosen drug. Bacteria, fungus, viral contaminants, chemicals and even heavy metals can and usually do enter the bloodstream each time a drug is injected. In addiction, many diseases are left unchecked.

Opiate and Alcohol Drug Detox Centers San Diego Reports Hep C’s Close Connection Between addiction and HEP C. Their staff have spent a great deal of time educating the public on drug addiction. What many don’t realize is genetics plays a huge role in drug and alcohol addiction. Yes, genetics contributes to addiction more than many think.

Sadly, genetics account for 50% of addiction with no other disease carrying a percentage even close to that. (ASAM 2011). A history of trauma and stress are other common risk factors.

Addiction usually starts in adolescence. In a study published by Dr Ruth Potee, MD, a person trying an illicit substance under the age of 21 is 60 to 70% more likely to have a lifelong addiction. This is much more than a person who tries a substance over age 21, which carries a lifelong addiction risk of only 6 to 8 %. Clearly the adolescent brain, teen and young adult brain is still myelinating and modifying making it highly susceptible to drugs of abuse and concurrent addiction.

Drug Abuse Health Risks Are More Harmful Than the Drugs

opiate drug detox Port St Lucie helping thousands with detoxification

The staff at Harmony Grove Recovery drug and alcohol detox centers San Diego have helped many through the detoxification process. During this time they have learned a thing or two about untreated medical conditions. They are trying to educate teens and young adults on the dangers of drugs.

Most people who abuse drugs, adolescents, teens and young adults in particular, are familiar with the physical harm that the drug may cause. However, they lack the understanding of the many infectious diseases, including Hep C, they are introducing to their body.

Best Drug Rehabs Escondido Explains Top 5 Infectious Diseases That Come with Addiction

Top 5 Infectious Diseases That Come with Addiction

One of the most interesting things that the drug rehabs Escondido staff has uncovered are the many different diseases that can come with addiction. The top 5 most common transmitted infectious diseases seen in addiction include the following.


2. Hepatitis C (Hep C)

3. Tuberculosis

4. Bacteremia/Sepsis (blood infection)

5. Endocarditis (heart valve infection).

There are many more transmitted diseases and with each infection there are cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, renal and neurologic complications. These infections can be somewhat treatable in some cases and in many other cases lead to death.

Addiction Destroys the Brian While Hep C Destroys the Body

The Hep C treatment West Palm Beach article provides resources for anyone seeking low cost help in treating Hep C. While this is an incredible resource, you must understand how addiction connects with Hep C because you can get treated from Hep and get it again.

Info graphic showing addiction destroys the brian

Addiction is a disease and causes changes in the brain that control personality and decision making. Most addicts engage in high risk behaviors and actions, like using contaminated needles and having unprotected sex. The risk of contracting Hep C from using a contaminated needle just one time can be as high as 70% ( C).

Hepatitis C destroys healthy liver cells that are necessary for metabolism and the release of enzymes necessary for protein synthesis, cell function and detoxification of wastes in the body. Persons with chronic Hepatitis C often have other long term complications and can eventually become comatose or die.

What About Addiction and TB (Tuberculosis)?

The best opiate drug and alcohol detox San Diego centers know TB identification and treatment in the addict can be challenging for diagnosis and control. Tuberculosis (TB) is on the rise in almost every state due to the increasing number of diagnosed addicts and has become even epidemic in some places.

The symptoms of TB are night sweats, painful coughing and fevers. It is transmitted easily by droplets from coughing or sneezing. The illness can be easily spread by one person to 10 to 20 people without even knowing it. TB affects the lungs and causes shortness of breath and pain and will often times lead to death if left untreated.

Many IV addicts introduce harmful contaminates directly into the bloodstream within seconds. These bacteria can seed heart valves and cause heart infections in addition to overwhelming blood infections leading to shock and death.

Case Study on Addiction Disease with Hep C

Twenty-five Drug Rehabs San Diego centers did a case study. The following case exemplifies this risk of consuming drugs and how many intravenous drug users are contracting Hep C.

Mr. Doe is an 18 y/o male that began using IV heroin after he sustained a car accident that caused him to be in a cast for several months. He was initially prescribed Percocet for pain. When he ran out of the prescription opiate, he described feeling like he had a severe case of the flu and began searching for more of the drug. He had strong enough cravings that when he could no longer afford to buy the opiate from the street, he began to use IV heroin.

Several months later, Mr. Doe overdosed and was taken to the Emergency Room. After his resuscitation, lab tests revealed high liver function enzymes, and a high viral load of Hep C. He was also diagnosed with a rare bacterial blood infection that required him to remain hospitalized for high dose IV antibiotic therapy for several weeks. Mr. Doe ended up with a fortunate outcome, but this is certainly not always the case.



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