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Addiction Conferences by Behavioral Health Network Resources

Addiction conferences 2024 preparation is a huge focus for drug rehab Owners. The needs for better drug rehab marketing and SEO if fueling them. They are demanding that these behavioral health events include leads generation strategies that produce treatment calls. The old way of pay per click and Legit Script certification does not work.

There are several goals to bear in mind when attending addiction conferences and networking events. These goals vary depending on the position you have with your behavioral health organization. CEO’s, Executives, Directors and Outreach professionals, by design of their role, have different objectives. However, getting out of your comfort zone can pay great dividends if done strategically.

Addiction Conferences Preparation Generates ROI

How to perform addiction conferences preparation? The addiction treatment industry is experiencing many different changes in the business and marketing side. It is vital that you walk away with new business strategies, marketing plan ideas, and drug rehab lead generation sources. The behavioral health industry has several critical pain points that CEO’s and Owners are experiencing.

New operational and drug rehab marketing laws as spreading across the nation thanks to the new “Florida Model” paving the road with their new patient brokering and operational laws as of July 1, 2017. Getting educated on ethical business and marketing strategies at addiction conferences is paramount at this critical time to survive. Some centers that continued with laissez-faire strategies, resisted change or did not seek the proper education and tools have not survived the red ocean.

Addiction Conferences by Behavioral Health Network Resources on LinkedIn Training

Addiction Conferences Educating CEO’s and Executives

It is paramount for behavioral health organizations to know how to use LinkedIn. This is the most underutilized medium on the web. BHNR’s addiction conferences series kicks off with Get Linked for Addiction Professionals. preparation to get specific and strategic intelligence. They need new strategies and need to look at current vendors and processes.

Many treatment centers across the nation are making vital mistakes. Learn how to maximize LinkedIn for referrals, sales and drug rehab SEO. 90% of LinkedIn user have no idea how to use LinkedIn. They are wasting valuable time. This event will teach you how to build a profile that ranks on Google, produces new targeted relationships and increases sales.

The event is brought to you drug rehab SEO and marketing professionals from across the US. They want to educate you on search engine optimization and social media marketing that works. Many addiction treatment centers are wasting their advertising budgets on Google Ad Words and Legit Script certification. This system is not longer effective for the small players.

CEO’s and Executives Focus on the Big Picture

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, detox’s and sober homes owners have a difficult job. They need to focus on the business, marketing and clinical side of their organization. Many addiction executives are strong on the clinical aspects and addiction treatment in general. But many suffer from Digital Darwinism with their advertising.

Most have started their addiction treatment center because of their strength in this area and their passion to help others struggling with addiction. However, this is only 1/3 of what it takes to run a successful center.

When CEO’s and addiction Executives attend addiction conferences their conversations are much different than the conversation of let’s say Outreach professionals. According to the Harvard Business Review article, “Sales People Need a Strategy for Selling to CEOs,” CEO’s are focused on business outcomes, how decisions affect the entire organization and maximizing their time.

Upper Management Role

Drug rehab marketing and SEO are a big factor with upper management wanting solutions. The upper management Executives have their eyes on getting proven advertising strategies. This is the #1 factor across the United States. . They are looking for business and marketing solutions to their pain points. Accreditation, billing procedures, collections, a decent EMR (electronic medical records system,) admissions processes.

Many are seeking effective marketing strategies, legal aspects, new revenue sources, aftercare opportunities and many more. With Google changes many are interested in learning more about drug rehab SEO and finding answers on LinkedIn. They generally are not there to network but to find proven and ethical solutions.

They are relying on particular presenters, drug rehab marketing consultants and finding the business and marketing expert leaders attending these addiction professional conferences. They are particularly interested in drug rehab marketing strategies and billing as these are two key areas that generate revenue for the organization.

Directors are Guided by CEO’s and Executives Vision

Directors are also focused on the same areas as the CEO and Executives. The difference being is that they put the CEO and Executives vision into play. It is vital that they get better educated by the conference presenters, exhibitors a few select attendees that are specialists in whatever is on their plate at that time.

While most Directors in the behavioral health industry have in-depth knowledge in many areas, they need to be experts when leading the company in new areas. They also should be evaluating current procedures and ancillary providers on a regular basis (at the very least every year) to save or generate new revenue. All of these carries great responsibility and consume great amounts of time.

Addiction conferences preparation can provide knowledge and experience from proven thought leaders to assist drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, detoxes and sober livings Directors in their roles. However, this can be difficult at times because at many mental health conferences there are several presentations going on at the same time. It is impossible for the Directors to be in two places at the same time. Directors need to pick and choose based on their priorities or rely on another employee to attend the other presentation.

Outreach Professionals and Business Development; Obtaining Drug Rehab Marketing Tools is Critical

Critical positions in our industry need better drug rehab marketing tools. Outreach professionals for addiction treatment centers, detox’s, sober homes and service organizations have an extremely stressful position. Unfortunately, the average Outreach position lasts for about 6–12 months. They can no longer just rely on their personal connections.

We have seen this on LinkedIn with our 30,000 addiction and behavioral health level one connections. Viewing these LinkedIn profiles while we are growing our tribes it is very concerning. One of the main reasons is this role has traditionally lacked in gaining useful tools to assist them in their daily jobs.

It’s obvious that Outreach professionals are constantly obtaining new clinical knowledge. However, many are not getting the tools on the business and marketing side of behavioral health that are now paramount in their success.

They need customer relationship management (CRM’s,) networking tools and strategies, call center training, overall marketing, branding, social media, email marketing, closing techniques and more.

Addiction Conferences by Behavioral Health Network Resources Providing Solutions

Addiction conferences should be providing some of these tools. These tools are essential in their role in generating drug rehab leads. Many owners and operators do not realize that one employee turnover costs about $20,000. Owners and Outreach professionals should aggressively be seeking these tools.

Two of the biggest areas are drug rehab marketing and establishing new referral sources. We do this by compiling lists. Take for instance the, “Best Drug rehabs West Palm Beach” list. We are building back-links to this and it will soon rank on page one of Google for “drug rehabs West Palm Beach.” This will allow us another tool to help partner with addiction treatment centers.

Addiction treatment center marketing is such a vast area that there are always new strategies and techniques to be learned. One of many examples is business development professionals need to intimately understand the power of social media.

How they portray themselves and what they put on social media is a direct reflection of their organization’s brand. It also affects establishing new referral sources. Many are ineffectively, or not using at all the #1 business networking site in the world. They are wasting valuable time, or not utilizing the medium on LinkedIn.

What is Addiction Conferences Preparation?

In any job, position or role getting out of your comfort zone enables you to grow personally and professionally. It is critical in drug rehab marketing to have many balls in play at the same time. This can be difficult because human nature gravitates us towards our comfortable circles. At many substance abuse conferences, you see the same professionals forming in the same groups.

Yes, it’s wonderful to chat with our familiar circles, however, it should not dominate your time at these events. Getting outside of the comfort zone, obtaining new tools, business education and forcing yourself to meet everyone in the room is paramount in the state of our industry.

This can be an overwhelming experience and non-productive if you are not prepared. Preparation, maximizing time and follow-up can make the real difference when attending substance abuse conferences. To truly get all the benefits the preparation begins far before the event.

Effective Addiction Networking Starts Weeks Before the Addiction Symposium

With addiction conferences, you should be visiting the conference website. Researching the areas is critical. Drug rehabs West Palm Beach in Florida are much unlike those in California. For most behavioral health events you can get an idea of what organizations will be there. Some event websites only list the sponsors and exhibitors, while others will provide a list of everyone including the attendees.

Examine the list on the event website and write a list putting them into categories like A, B, C, and D. The A’s are the organizations that are new start-ups, organizations that you have been targeting, or ones you must chat with at the event. The B’s are your second tier and so forth. Prepare before you attend the conference. By writing the list and bringing it with you to the event you will not miss any opportunities.

We recently sat down with a treatment center drug rehabs West Palm Beach and here is what they had to say about the impartnat of conferences for their inpatient addiction treatment center.

“One of the best ways is to prepare is to connect prior to the event. Most professionals in our industry do not do this. You should at least reach out to your A’s and B’s through LinkedIn prior to the event. Say you want to visit their booth or meet with them at the conference.”

Get Your Addiction Treatment Industry Literature Up to Date

This soft introduction says you are a professional and you are interested in meeting them. You will also get an idea of who this new potential referral source is and have some background information to reference when you chat at the event.

Make sure your organization’s brochures, business cards, and exhibitor materials are up to date. Many addiction treatment centers, Detox’s, Sober homes and ancillary service providers do a poor job of keeping these items up to date.

The products and services often change, and the marketing materials do not reflect those changes. We see this all the time at the addiction Executive conferences that we hold in our industry. It was an issue until we found a promotional products vendor to work with providing these services for our sponsors and exhibitors. They also offer discounts to our participants.

Prepare for Addiction Conferences They Are Valuable

With addiction conferences drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, opiate detox’s, inpatient rehabs, intensive outpatient treatment centers, sober livings, and ancillary service providers reap benefits. Take for instance drug rehabs Escondido where they are now educating on inpatient substance abuse treatment and alcohol detox centers near San Diego.

This article explains how to prepare for addiction conferences before, during and after. Get the most out of attending addiction conferences and networking events. Be strategic, maximize your time and follow-up immediately following the addiction conference.

Prepare for Addiction Conferences They Are Valuable

With addiction conferences preparation, CEO and Marketing Directors are carefully looking at the scheduled marketing presenters. More specifically, the one’s that specialize in drug rehab marketing and SEO. They are being strategic trying to get better educated on proven long-term lead generation strategies that produce treatment calls.

This article explains how to prepare for addiction conferences before, during and after. Get the most out of attending addiction conferences and networking events. Be strategic, maximize your time and follow-up immediately following the addiction conference.

Addiction Conferences Sponsorship

Behavioral Health Network resources have been an addiction conferences provider for the last four years. In that time we have put on over 14 conferences attracting 150–200 at each event. They have gained the attention of CEOs and Executives with over 150–200 attending each conference. This unique talk show host, town hall forum has become extremely popular.

These addiction professional conferences cover “HOT” topics and provide attendees a chance to “ask the experts” any questions on better business practices, billing, drug testing, licensing, DCF, Accreditation, treatment, sales, marketing, and any other aspect of the addiction and behavioral health industry.

Addiction Conferences Marketing Package with IOP Drug Rehabs San Diego Sponsorship

Our addiction conferences have attracted a lot of sponsors like IOP drug rehabs San Diego. This intensive outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment center went from not ranking on Google to page one n 90-days. We are seeking sponsors for our next events in Florida and California. The sponsorship come with a 30-day drug rehab marketing package. This can be tailored for a treatment center or sales/service organization. The benefits include;

  • 15-minute special presentation
  • 1 thought leader panelist spot
  • exhibitor booth
  • email marketing to 25,000 addiction professionals
  • 5 VIP passes into the event
  • Linked profile makeover
  • SEO consultation
  • marketing to our 210,000 audiences
  • LinkedIn posts to our 30,000 addiction and behavioral health level one connection
  • Facebook marketing to our 150,000 group members
  • national exposure for 60 days prior to the event
  • some literature pieces placed on attendee tables
  • inclusion in the conference brochure

You can contact Charles Davis at 561–235–6195 to get more information.

Top 15 Addiction Conferences in 2021

The best information on addiction conferences educating on drug rehab marketing and ethical business practices. Addiction conferences provide vital information for substance abuse treatment centers on effective business and drug rehab marketing strategies.

Behavioral Health Network Resources is a leading addiction conferences provider. BHNR conferences are nationwide from West Palm Beach to our California addiction conferences EMP Series events. Their addiction conferences cover all aspects of the business of addiction treatment and provide valuable drug rehab marketing education to generate treatment calls.

We are currently seeking Co-Host sponsorship for our Florida and California addiction conference. The conferences come with presentation time, a thought leader panelists slot, an exhibitor booth, 5 passes and back end marketing tapping you into our 210,000 nation audience. Contact Charles Davis at 561- 235–6195 for more information.

· Addiction conferences on Event Brite are searched frequently. When Addiction professionals want the best events they are seeking addiction conferences on drug rehab marketing.

· 10 Times is one of the webs best event listing websites. Many drug rehab CEO’s, Directors and Outreach look there to find the most respected addiction conferences educating on business and marketing for drug rehabs.

· The drug rehab industry is experiencing moments of change. The industry has been rocked by new laws and regulations affecting how owners can operate. This is the main reason why they are searching for addiction conferences 2020 educating on LinkedIn and SEO.

· Behavioral health events are the same as addiction conferences. Treatment centers provide behavioral health due to 90% of individuals with substance abuse issues suffer from behavioral health problems. You will see many addiction professionals at addiction conferences 2020 for behavioral health.

· Miami addiction conferences by Behavioral Health Network Resources are the #1 resource in South Florida for drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. These conferences are interactive and attract many drug rehab CEO’s and Executives.

· The best addiction conferences that provide proven drug rehab marketing a business operating information are available nationwide. These addiction Executive events are popular with substance abuse treatment centers.

· This is a resource of vital drug rehab marketing information needed prior to attending an event. It is an addiction conferences video on how to prepare for events and what you need to do at and before an addiction conference

· Conferences for addiction treatment centers, detox’s, sober livings and ancillary service providers have many advantages. As behavioral health industry professionals, we are experiencing moments of change on how we operate. However, when attending mental health conferences there are several key areas to focus on to get much-needed business and marketing tools.

· There are some key things to do before the actual date of attending addiction conferences. Vetting the event website and getting the contacts of the many attending are important. Putting together a hit list and contact potential clients is key. This sets you apart from the other addiction professional conference attendees.

· When looking for addiction conferences you want to check the Best 𝘼𝙙𝙙𝙞𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 𝘾𝙤𝙣𝙛𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙣𝙘𝙚𝙨 Information Page on LinkedIn. this has information on what is an addiction conference and has many drug rehab marketing tips and strategies.

· One of the top addiction conferences providers is BHNR. They have been holding addiction executive events for more than four years. These events educate addiction treatment center Executives on ethical business and marketing.

· When looking to attend an addiction conference the speakers are the main deciding point. Having Executive thought leaders that are knowledgeable on the business, administrative and marketing side of the industry is paramount. The featured panelists provide vital information on operating a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center.

· Addiction conferences are more than networking. They provide education on evidenced-based treatment modalities, business strategies, and important items needed in a marketing mix. There are many things needed to be learned at these behavioral health events.

· Addiction conferences are valuable if you prepare for them. Learning what to do when searching for the addiction professional events is key for drug rehab marketing.

Utilize This Addiction Conferences List

This addiction conferences list provides vital information on drug rehab marketing for CEO’s, Directors and Outreach. It demonstrates that many rehabilitation centers suffer from digital Darwinism and need marketing education from addiction conferences. Addiction conferences provide drug rehab marketing and business education to survive the difficult competition. These events provide information on drug rehab lead generation, buy rehab leads, drug rehab SEO, website development, social media marketing and more.

In this time of moments of change, it is paramount for CEO’s, Directors and Outreach to get educated on proven drug rehab marketing and business practices. Addiction conferences are when the thought leaders are educating the addiction recovery industry.



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